I had a requirement to develop a quick partially functional demo application. I chose to do the application using ASP.NET. Oh! It was a nightmare to create a web page with nearly 30 controls. The culprit was the requirement to place the controls aligned within tables. I thought it would be easy to do that once I had the controls on the page. It turned out to be a mess later when tables came into existence.

First, the controls could not be compacted within each cell of the table.

Second, confused whether to use the HTML view of Design view to create the pages.

Finally, I gave up and took the help of an expert (who had expertise in such table-driven web pages design using ASP). Even she had some surprises in store working with the Design view. It eventually turned out to be a remake of the entire web page loosing the existing controls.

In parallel, one of my team members discovered some way to create the aspx pages using the latest Dreamweaver MX. It looked far decent than the page we had done using VS.NET

Now that I need to work on some more ASP.NET applications, I am at the cross roads having many choices but just dont know which direction to take.

I don't get the process followed in creating ASPX pages. Is it that the web pages should be created by one person with all the necessary controls and then the functionality be added by another person or both the aspx and code-behind be done by a single person.

Just waiting to see a lighthouse........