I have now originally copied an idea from Rick. The idea is on how to make myself read a book. Rick started by writing out snippets (in his own words) from a book he was reading. Not just writing it for himself, he was sending them as mails to the collegues. It so happened that for sometime such mails stopped which prompted me to mail him to ask about the proceedings. He said he shall continue doing it. Which makes him read the book. I have also started to do something like that now. I am reading the “Essential .NET - The CLR” by Don Box. And not just that. In our internal forum, a new forum has been dedicated to this purpose. (email becomes cumbersome due to maintainance problems). Advantages:
  • I get to read the book as collegues expect something every day.
  • I also get to summarize what I have read (best method to retain knowledge is to share it).
  • Collegues also get to read the book at a glance.
got to code now.....