“How to train the non-techies on .NET?“

“What should you start with and where to stop?”

These were just a couple of challenges I had to face this week at the training program organized at my workplace for the freshmen who joined our team a couple of weeks back.

The challenge becomes more interesting when the group consists of few computer science graduates and few non-computer science graduates.

There needs to be a balance in the amount of information departed. More technical terms, and the ideas will bounce off the non-techie group. Using more general terms to explain any stuff becomes more trivial for techies.

We'll the agenda was to instill the basics of .NET and a proper foundation so that the later sessions (C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET) have no difficulty.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to use the same presentation I had used at the
CorporateConnexion @ Christ College. On review, found that it was loaded with technical stuff and may bounce off even the techie freshmen.

So, that presentation now had to be trimmed.

First, I decided to instill the idea that:

.NET was not any single software
.NET has been mainly been developed to create Enterprise Applications

To get this idea instilled, used an anology of a House Construction and Enterprise Application Construction.

This made it possible to understand “Where exactly .NET fits into the Software Industry?”

The second half was to just clear the jargons surrounding .NET

Just displayed the various components of .NET that will be used to create an enterprise application.

The various types of applications that can be created (Web Application, Desktop Application)

The various role played by Asp.NET, Ado.NET, Web Forms, WinForms

The presentation can be found here