It makes me awe at the pace with which Microsoft is introducing new products. Added to that list is Microsoft VS Team System. Just the kind of product we wanted.

Got to appreciate the way this product was released. No clue about it till the last minute of announcement. Being a avid reader of the blogs, not many gave any clue about such a product. (or, have there been news about it? Not to my knowledge!)

While the attention was diverted in the blogs about new features in existing products (Office and Whidbey) or about features in some distant product (Longhorn), a silent product was under development with tight lips.

Now, is Microsoft creating a pattern for the usage of blogs. “Use blogs mostly for gaining/providing insights into distant/existing products”

This becomes evident as a blog being created immediately for VS Team System!
Any case, good going!

Lots of stuff ahead in 2005.