On my recent project, I had to help my co-developer get an understanding of LINQ-SQL (Yes, I am aware that LINQ-SQL has been shelved by M$).

I remembered the brilliant MSDN Nuggets that were produced by the evangelist teams here in Microsoft UK. These were helpful short videos organised by tags based on technology/interests. They are even now hosted in MSDN UK web site. But, they have a search facility instead of the earlier tags/categories. I generally don't lend myself to searching on MSDN despite it insisting "live search" with green coloured attractions. So, felt a bit disappointed at the difficulty in locating nuggets for a specific technology/interest.

I just opted to view all the nuggets by Mike Taulty. Eventually picked up the list of nuggets for LINQ-SQL that might be of immediate help to my co-developer.

  1. Introduction to LINQ-SQL
  2. Understanding Data Context
  3. Mapping Schemas to Classes
  4. Inserting data
  5. Deleting
  6. Updating
  7. Joins with LINQ-SQL
  8. Working with NULLs
  9. Understanding When queries execute
  10. Deferred loading of related entities
  11. Querying wth Stored procs
  12. Updating with Stored Procs
  13. Transactions

Hope that helps my friend to get up to speed with this project.