It's been week and the memories of trekking to a height of 1892m AMSL are still hovering in my mind.

It was just 3 months since the escape to the jungles, the nature invited another visit to the peaks, valleys, jungles, water falls, wild. The timing was not very perfect as my presence would have really helped the team to go ahead with the product release smoothly. Despite the tight schedule, made myself way out of this noisy Bangalore to the bliss of the Western Ghats.

This trek was to the KudreMukh (The peak that looks like the Face of a Horse) in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.

The Western Ghats greeted us with leech bites and steep climbing. All of a sudden, we had the perfect location for lunch and found ourselves surrounded by cloud hidden peaks.

The habbit of not looking up into the skies had not left me. I was just looking at the forest down and when suddenly looked up by chance, could not resist the view of a huge peak slowly being uncovered by the clouds. Felt how small humans are amidst the nature.

Upon reaching the peak (The KudreMukh) thought of .NET was still lurking behind me. In the silence of 3 minutes at the peak, felt the need for a laptop and wondered how good a program can be written at that silence and height. Just missed a laptop.

So, thats the highest point I've ever been as a .NETian. (1892 meters above mean sea level)
Would be interested in knowing if any .NETian has trekked above this.