One of the key foundations of Startups is to be Agile.

Being able to experiment without time and location restrictions is awesome. With the Lean Startup gaining mainstream adoption, it becomes important for the engineering team to have the skills and processes that allow experiments on software MVP.

Here is where Git Hub Flow helps a lot. Having the ability to branch off from Master and work on feature branches is a very powerful way to experiment, demo, discard or improve the feature.

In my recent project, for Indian Cinema UK, an idea would strike while commuting by train. I would pull out my PC and code off by branching off. A one point I had 3 feature branches and switching between them at will using Visual Studio is super cool.

The biggest advantage though is the change in mind shift towards “Self-Permission to fail”. This is normally hard to come to terms for a developer working in an enterprise setup where the mentality is to not disrupt the status quo. Writing throw-away code is an important skill needed if one has to consider themselves as a “Full Stack Product Person”.

So, in summary, why adopt Git Hub Flow?

  1. Freedom (from time and location) to experiment
  2. Self-Permission to fail
  3. Change to throw-away mind shift (a mini build-measure-learn attitude)