Just yesterday afternoon, when I thought of having a difficult weekend to crack the problem with UIPAB, lightning struck. I got a reply to my question posted to news.microsoft.public.dotnet.distributed_apps redirecting me to GotDotNET workspace where a fix to the Back button problem with UIPAB was posted. God, that was timing. Had the reply come at sometime evening, I would have been spending my entire day today searching for alternatives for UIPAB (specifically Maverick) and working on it. ( I think i'll take some time off and try Maverick some time before UIPAB v 2.0 release).

As such, the Fix for Back button problem ( http://groups.msn.com/BDotNet/general.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=12337&LastModified=4675459353602606026 for a description on the problem) did infact work out very well. I guess, the fix has been taken care in UIPAB v2.0.

With this fix, I managed to complete a Demo application integrating UIPAB and Forms Authentication yesterday evening.

The demo application will be used in my presentation on Monday to share my knowledge on UIPAB and Forms Authentication to my collegues.

Currently trying to use Data Access Applicaton Block in my demo application.

Also listening to DonBox's .NET Rocks Internet Audio Show (talking about Indigo,SOAP.....)