Oh...it is a awesome feeling to go back to school to study. I am now enjoying what I had been waiting for nearly 1 year. I am devoting my full time to books and that too on .NET books which makes me feel good. But, it is not easy to go back to full time study after working in the industry. The contrast is in the case of university, we tend to be very consious about what we are learning. In the industry the learning process is overall and not in depth. So, learning during working is remembered more than the learning at university. I could realize this during my first week of my classes in The University of Hull where I am in the .NET MSc in Distributed Systems Development course. I came to know about this course through a blog post which i am not managing to trace back. And now, I am just doing the kind of stuff I've wanting to do in the past. Some cool low level compiler stuff upto using xml web services. I have realized that tackling the university learning like the learning while working has lot more advantages. So, I spend a lot of time in the lab and learn the concepts using the text books. The two indespensible books that I carry with me include the famous jeffrey richter's “Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming” and Simon Robinson's “Advanced .NET Programming”. The books I am supposed to read include This way of learning is quite different from how I used to learn in my B.E course back in Bangalore. It is just recognizing the fact that learning the way I used to learn in the college does no good in work and I should not go back to that again just because I am now in formal education. And all this fits into the system of education here in UK. Here, more importance is given to learning the theory by practice which is the way I am comfortable. So currently cruising my way developing the solution for a problem (given as an assessment) using the Test Driven Development (NUnit 2.2)... I've had a head start in Test Driven Approach for developing applications in my previous workplace.