Yesterday, I was successful in hosting my sample ASP.NET web application over the free ASP.NET web hosting facility available at http://europe.webmatrixhosting.net/

The best part was the usage of the System.Web.Mail namespace's MailMessage Type.

Pretty cool stuff I thought.

Just set the properties of the email message to be sent; choose the smtp server and lo, message is sent.

since my company's smtp server was temporarily not receiving mails, learnt about Relay server and other SMTP related stuff. (Thanks to my SysAdmin, Mr. Sudeesh)

Currently using hotmail's smtp server.

The smtp server was OK today and hence i can now use the Web.config to store the smtp server address.

All it took to put up two pages of functional ASP.NET site was 2 hours.

My sample application stands at http://ideamani.europe.webmatrixhosting.net/

GTG Treking....

Back on Monday!