VS2010 beta2 has come with F#. Not that I was not interested in Functional Programming before. I’ve had a go at Erlang nearly 6 months ago and must say that I loved it. But the prospect of Functional Programming with .NET CLR (or rather DLR) definitely gives F# a special place.

More over, the most familiar IDE of Visual Studio is simply wonderful. I must admit, I’ve not yet started doing my katas on F#, partly because the functional programming concepts need to be ingrained before moving ploughing ahead. So, watched a couple of interesting videos tonight.

First, on Channel9 tagged “Lecture Series”, “Functional Programming” that can be found here:


The second was with my favourite teacher Venkat Subramaniam in it, with my favourite host Carl Franklin, on my favourite DotNet TV show -> DNRtv. It can be found here:


Got to say I enjoyed it despite the brilliant London weather!

Some more resources: